City that Care Forgot

Addy's Afterthoughts

Upon Returning To My Father's Home

(ATTN PLAYERS: This particular character log is written as if Addy is sitting on a bench somewhere, or on one of Seyward’s couches, thinking to herself. Nowhere is this written. Michael – can you clarify if that means I need a different tag or still have to tag as secret etc?)

I am concerned regarding the state of my father’s home city, the one he loved so much he risked a return from France to tend. I wonder about his strange death. Why in the World would two kindred stand in the middle of a hurricane to settle their score via duel? (Storms can kill us as can the flying wooden debris present in a hurricane. It also seems ridiculous either man would choose a storm to duel, even with their vast supernatural disciplines)…

… It doesn’t seem likely both Kindred would die either. At any rate, my father is now dead. (If it takes me centuries I will claim vengeance if there has been foul play). Farouk has apparently succeeded him as Prince, which shows he obviously had more skill as manipulation than even I thought he did when he was simply an agent. He is a Brujah though and eventually all of them implode. (Le roi est mort. Vive le roi? Peut-etre pas).

It seems a cousin has taken the role of sheriff. He has a childe and she was not even given the rights of Agoge to learn our ways. She seemed to have to be reminded of The Ethic of Succor at salon and stated she didn’t care much about “saving face.” How can she be Ventrue if she lays no claim to her Dignitas! I don’t personally blame her, since she had no Agoge, but what sire does such a thing. She will be crippled should she ever come in contact with the less kind of our clan. I also find it odd that my cousins have not established a Gerousia here. Perhaps Mr. Magnuson was never given his Agoge either? Of course, I would never voice that thought.

Esmerelda’s salon was nice. Nice and dull. Sigh. They were inducting one Mr. Zatovich to the esteemed rank of Prymogen… at least, the Harpies were. I did some background research on Mr. Zatovich. Honestly, I was attempting to find out if he had a particular preference for fine vitae. What I found was less interesting but could be more useful. Apparently he used to be known as Jim Baines and that alter identity was a member of the Sabbat. Through Cruor, I obtained blood he donated prior to being embraced. After the salon I told him what I had. He seemed uninterested in my offering, preferring to see it as some sort of threat. Even after offering three times, he did not accept. As I was about to close the issue, he closed his door in my face. Strange. At least the salon guests seemed to like the Vitae Almonde. I am glad since it was difficult to make.

There are so few of us here. Not just cousins but Kindred at all. I wonder if the younger ones I’ve seemed to group with have thought about whether that is only true for the Camarilla. I wonder if that is why so many were embraced so young and taught so little. I feel for these children. What they learn now, what they DO now, will shape the way Kindred society sees them for the rest of their nights.



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