City that Care Forgot

Brent's thoughts #1

The time that brent kinda pissed off everyone and almost left ... but then didn't.

Meanwhile at the Batcave! in brent’s thoughts!

So today I surprised gabe with being at the same restaurant that he went to, to see anapharus. I sat down at the table and got invited to see him to. I was told to shut up and not talk, I have a sneaking suspicion that gabe doesn’t like me. I was quite the entire time, although I really had to try and keep jose’ quite, I think he likes getting me in trouble … especially with anapharus. I also learned that claire might be trying to live off the grid of the camarilla, I don’t say I blame her but I think it would be better if she just stayed within the camarilla and leeched off of what they have but oh well. We also went to a cool old hotel the voices go a bit more, uhm, specific. I don’t care though. Ok so now I KNOW that gabe doesn’t like me. The Syndicate, some bullshit organization out to fuck everyone over. I was hoping to be recognized as a friend of the others for a bit longer but oh well. it looks like claire is the only one who can agree with me on anything, it seems that sayword doesn’t really mind me unless I get to “annoying”, Douglas doesn’t really seem to mind me just sort of ignoresme. Later I found him and Gabe in a men’s warehouse type place, we talked some things out and I decided to try and fit my piece back into the puzzle.



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