City that Care Forgot

Brent's thoughts #2

The time brent finally got a job with other kindred

Got warned about a meeting with the premogen of my clan. I don’t know why I would need to be warned though. I should look into this. We went up to talk to one of the leaders of that strange organization,the syndicate, we learned that what they want douglas to do is to go get, or kill another person that they were after. He or she was supposedly embraced and then was erased from everyone’s memory. It interesting, I should find out more. The syndicate mentioned the thing that happened last night I think I might try to go to the premogen and ask about what happened. I found magnus at the superdome and he brought me to the premogen meeting. Apparently there was an explosion at the old six flags park last night. The explosions were aimed towards the sabbat, they said that the person that no one knows is in the sabbat. I think that this person in the sabbat purposefully bombed or whatever so that it would be easier to hide. He was part of the group called the traditions, both the syndicate and the traditions are both mages. I guess they are the camarilla and the sabbat of magi. Anywho they sent me to find out what to do with the sabbat. If I successfully do this I will apparently become the whip of my clan AKA the second in command. That would be kinda sweet. Later me and douglas went to wyndom room to get more info. He started asking about a thing called the technocracy, they apparently molded this world into what it is today. I asked where this person is and now I owe him a very vague amount of favoring. We figured out that chastity is the person that we are looking for … god dammit. Me and douglas tried to go to oz and take chastity, a whole bunch of arguments happened saying that we needed a better plan. A few arguments later we got everyone together under the guise that we have back up. Supposedly magnus will back us up by coming in only when we have gotten our asses kicked already this seems great. That was sarcasm.



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