City that Care Forgot


Claire's Secret Diary


Wow. It’s been an interesting couple of nights.

I didn’t mention in my last entry Brent’s strange ability to blurt out odd crap that somehow seems to make sense later. A few nights ago he apparently had an entire dream of all of this odd stuff and let us know. He was trying to kill a snake because he had a feeling it was guarding something. Unbeknownst to him that evening a couple of others in our Coterie were meeting with a member of the Setites knowns as Onofris.

Oh, before I go any further, I have to say: there are also Mummies and Werewolves. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. Mummies are true immortals in that they can be “killed” but never die (see also: Osiris). At first I was surprised but now, as I’m writing, I feel like the entire world has opened up to me. Everything I’ve ever read about has the possibility of being real and that thought is insane but wonderful.

Anyway, something I was little involved in last time: one of these Mummies had gone missing. He went by the name of Phillip. We all thought Brent’s dream must mean that the Setites were guarding at least the information on where Phillip was. So we set about trying to get in contact with Onophris…

We went down to the docks where his gang was supposed to hang out. No dice. We found out that Douglas had his phone number. (I’m starting to trust this guy less and less. Also, despite all of his good plans, he always seems to have to call someone else first before presenting them). Douglas tried to call. No dice. Then Brent called, he got as far as saying he was “someone important” before being hung up on. He then had a minor break down. Having seen a snake cross Douglas’s path, Brent accused Douglas of being a Setite. (Honestly, I thought the same thing but kept my mouth shut. Akin to this thought was that maybe Douglas was the one hiding something). After much conversation, we all decided this particular vision was not one we wanted to follow.

Since the Sabat had been nicer to me than the Camarilla and were also NOT the Camarilla, I decided to go to them to see if they knew where this other outsider group might be. I’d been warned against going to Oz again but I figured a question couldn’t hurt. I was wrong. I think immortality has actually made me ballsy. I saw the person I was looking for an many other people. I asked my question and was asked one in return. They wanted to know who my Sire was. I told them. They then cleared the club and attacked me. Some bitch grabbed me with a big black tentacle, too! (Personal note: The Sabat are no better than the Camarilla. Violence is met with violence and there is no reasoning with anyone. I dearly hope I am never like any of these violent ridiculous cretins). I’m very glad Sayward had come to be my look out. She tried to help fight but in the end Magnus, who has been following her, had to step in. I was glad he did. I attempted to apologize to him for my previous behavior (which I’d intended on doing anyway) but he didn’t seem to appreciate it. Then again, I am socially awkward in the best circumstances and this was not one of them.

At Douglas’s suggestion, again after conferring with his cell phone, we went to the Eifel tower building. Apparently that is where the Setites are headquartered or something. Everyone stood outside discussing what to do. Brent just walked up to the lounge. I followed him because he seems to travel in interesting but low key ways that I appreciate. For some reason, Sayward followed us. Brent went up to the greeter and when asked, he said he was with “the most beautiful” party. He also pointed to me and not Sayward when he said this, which I thought was weird and a little rude.

We were taken back to an office where we met with Onofris. When Onofris asked why we were there Brent said “I’m just here to tell you that I AM important and you should listen to me.” It was some pretty impressive and hilarious social engineering. They talked. I mostly paid attention to my surroundings. There was an odd, human headed knoptic jar. I also caught part of the conversation in which Onofris said that Setites don’t like being called Setites, they prefer to be called the followers of Set. I will Gooogle that later. Onofris seemed to be most annoyed that the Mummy, Phillip, chose to be called Phillip instead of his true name, Ank Afna Amentet, which means something like Life within the afterlife. He said he knew Phillip was dead because the followers of Set took care of him for some friends of theirs. When pressed for who these friends were, Onofris wouldn’t say. Brent then attempted to get him to confide to his hand puppet… No joke. One of those strange little talking hand faces made with your closed fist. He said his name was Jose (and honestly, Brent has become increasingly more racist since Jose has appeared… it’s very odd).

I felt we may be kicked out of his office so I tried to reason with Onofris to come off of the information, stating we may be able to offer him something in the way of revealing those he might want to be revealed. The most he was able to say was that he didn’t do it and his sire didn’t do it but a friend of theirs did. I then asked about the knoptic jar and he ordered three men with submachine guns to take it “to the barge.” Despite how much I wanted to attack, I knew I couldn’t beat them. I couldn’t take Onofris plus three men with guns, even if they were human. I’m glad Brent didn’t attack. Unfortunately, when we got back to the lounge to tell our story, none of our Coterie agreed. They rushed out of the lounge to chase after the men.

There seemed to be a kerfuffle in the parking lot while Brent and I calmly discussed why they were reacting the way they were and what we were going to do next. I calmly drove us toward the docs, where we assumed the barge was, since “that is where they keep the ships.” As we drove, I finally got to question Brent about his Sire. I also got to tell him about where I’d found him. The more he says, the more I am certain his Sire is a legend or at least patterned after one. They apparently even raided a Burger King to claim the Golden Helmet of Mambrino.

(It occurs to me as I am writing this that I appear to write about Brent’s exploits a lot. Who knows, maybe I can be the next Miguel de Cervantes. Seriously though, while his conclusions are often born of strangeness, they seem to track! Maybe I’m the next Sancho Panza.)

As we drove, we were called by the others. They’d apparently fought snake people, as evidenced by a large hole in Douglas’s shirt, apparently made by a forked tongue. They’d gotten the jar at the cost of a large fight and a lot of luck. We decided to take the jar back to my place (because, for some reason, my Vampire life is some sort of opposite Wheedonverse in which The Scoobies are all Vampires and my house is Giles’s place). When we opened it something flew out of it, like a little energy thing. The entire jar turned to dust. (I’ve swept up the dust and am keeping it in another jar in my home. To be honest, I am afraid the jar itself may be the remains of Phillip and I want to keep that under wraps, pun intended). We were immediately and creepily called to meet with the Prince.

We met with the Prince. We found out that Onophris’s Sire is named Apophis. (I am hoping that Apophis is nothing like the ancient Egyptian Apophis, but I know my hope is misplaced). The thing that flew out of the jar must have been Lamech’s soul or life energy or something like that because he had immediately woken once our task was done. We asked about the abomination everyone has been talking about. Apparently an abomination is a werewolf that has been embraced (yep, there are werewolves too). Once upon a time there was a creature that lived in this area. A Nosferatu uncovered the fact that it was still alive. It was a Native American, a werewolf, and also a vampire. No one knew who made him. He had apparently laid dormant in the city for quite some time, controlling things that way (I’ll have to figure out how to do this). Recently he was destroyed but they don’t know who did it. Lamech was one of the only people who knew what went on.

Lamech then went on about the fact that there were only two Nosferatu in the city. I challenged him but got the smack down, apparently my brother and this other Nosferatu are not recognized by the Camarilla so they somehow just don’t exist. Willful ignorance… how I hate it. Lamech said there were 10 Nosferatu lost in Katrina (though with his admission that they don’t acknowledge non-Camarilla Nosferatu, who knows how many were actually lost). Lamech thinks something is hunting Nosferatu. I don’t know how I feel about that. He said now that we were forced to figure this out we are involved and we probably have its attention. (Thanks, Farook! Awesome prince-ing there!)

Somewhere in here, I can’t remember where, I found out that the Sametti are actually accepted into the Camarilla here in New Orleans but no where else.

Anyway, the next Elysium is in 2 weeks. It’s an evening cruise on the Nachez. We’re supposed to be recognized as Neonates. Big. Fat. Yay.



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