City that Care Forgot

The Chronical of Renner: A new path

What the hell was that… I go to my banged up room intent on getting some sleep before my red eye outta this city and next I know I’m in a sack! What is this friggin’ Taken!? For an organization of undead badasses these folks really gotta get a better recruiter.

Oh that’s right, you don’t know.

I died tonight. Got to dig my happy ass outta the grave and everything. I’ve been thrown in with a decent enough group of “shovelheads” as they refer to us, I suppose that’s the freshly risen. The group is made up of good people for the most part, the doc is a little intense, particularly for a Canuck, but hey it’s just like Revenant! I finally have become what I’ve been playing and writing about all these years. The night is my realm and I embrace it fully! Blood is my wine and my old life is undone! Gone are the days of being shunned by my peers, this is my new life… my unlife.

There is an entire society of undead, the “sabbat” as they refer to themselves. I’ve only begun to start discovering the rang of my new abilities and I’m told that if I survive I will learn so much more. Now I thought this was just bravado but the very first thing we were told to do is go gut a Werewolf (also real, how messed up is that!?) of all things as part some payback for something they did. I didn’t care the reason, I just revealed in my new form.

My fellow youngins and I succeeded, but not with out casualties, and now we have to prove ourselves again or be written off as a lose. This is getting intense, I didn’t get made into a vampire just to be thrown out at the first sunrise.

So back to the wolf hunt tomorrow I suppose…


What. The. F*ck.

So I “wake up” this evening and the Doc is looking at me like I just dropped outta space. Come to find out my face looks like chewed bubble gum that melted in the sun… So I guess they’ll be no Vampire lovin’ for me… dammit.

Truth be told I’m not to tore up, never really had great appeal to the fairer sex anyway. I did want some damn answers though so I went back to the old spawning grounds and talked to the keeper there. Turns out there’s a price for being this damn cool, you guessed it, the bubblegum affect.

Oh, so the wolf hunt was interesting. Gotta love a woman with claws. The doc got a clever brain in him, even for a kanook. We captured it with some silver wire and interrogated her. So it looks like we are getting screwed over, not sure by who yet, but we’re working on it. So we let the wolf go in hopes of developing some good will.

Beyond that stuff’s going down with the local Nos that I think I better keep an eye on…


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