City that Care Forgot

Warrens Thoughts

On Whatever That Bullshit Was

Godammit I can’t beilive that prick Gabe got away all that shit he pulled on the sabbat. At least I can hope that someone destroys him whiles he down, or even better that a human finds him and accidentlly brings him into the sunlight. I gotta say though that even for that faggot frenchie antoine he did make a good bloody show of the traitor. Although he could have made it go faster, he even hade that stupid fucking smile on his face like he did something original. Not to mention that bitch Yazmina walking in and just making everyone agree with her, god I hate her. She even pulled out some bullshit paperwork and got a job that she doesn’t even fucking deserve. Well I guess there isn’t much else to say besides that Azzo made the wrond fucking desicion to let him live you never leave loose ends … or pass up a chance for some fun and bloodshed.



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