Former Prince of New Orleans and founding kindred of the region.


Title: Prince of Greater New Orleans (DECEASED)

He was a swarthy Andalusian with a weathered face and a distant look in his eye. Like many of his age, his attire tended to be anachronistic, although after his return to the city he did take attire more appropriate to the twentieth century.


  • During his exile Alejandro made deals outside the Camarilla that allowed his eventual return to power. This is the reason for the number of non-Camarilla vampires within the city.
  • He kept a haven somewhere within Riverwalk and the 1996 barge accident was an attempt on his life by someone he crossed.
  • Alejandro was not the first Kindred in the area. There was another, much older already here who Alejandro made deals with to stay.

Alejandro was the first known Kindred in the region, arriving in 1727, and helped to form the framework of what would become New Orleans Kindred Society. He was deposed is 1871 by Marcel but regained the position of Prince of Greater New Orleans in 1939.

He met the final death on August 29th 2005.


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