Alonso Quijano


A lean and less than affluent elderly man. His english is clear yet shows a slight Spanish accent.


Alonso has been in the city since at least the turn of the twentieth century. No one is sure where he is from but it is assumed Spain as he had much to discuss with the former prince Alejandro.

He appears to be homeless but obviously he must have some haven somewhere.

Most of the time he is a quiet and reserved gentleman but when the wind changes direction or a potential adventure appears his demeanor takes on a more outgoing persona and once again the knight Don Quixote de La Mancha rides forth to face whatever challenge has arisen.

Some question if this man is the actual Alonso Quijano that Cervantes wrote about or juts a lunatic that took on the persona. Some even ponder if he might be Miguel de Cervantes himself. In any event no one dares broach the subject with him as the last person who did was subject to verbal and physical attack.

It should also be noted that Alonso seems to have no knowledge he is kindred and yet manages to function just fine. Fufilling his needs and then thanfully forgetting the deed just as easily.

Alonso Quijano

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