Amado strikes a startling figure with his piercing eyes accentuated with heavy eye liner. Everything about him is carefully designed to draw the eye and captivate an entire room.


Amado is likely of Spanish descent though he claims previous residence in Vienna. Specifically during the seventeen seventies where he studied under Franz Anton Mesmer.

As history records Mesmer’s theory of Animal Magnetism was proved to be false by a panel at Royal Faculty of Medicine in Paris.The panel includedthe chemist Antoine Lavoisier – discoverer of oxygen and hydrogen; Dr. Joseph Guillotin – co-founder of the Academy of Medicine in Paris and the inventor of the guillotine; astronomer Jean Bailly – a senior member of the French Academy of Sciences who studied the moons of Jupiter; and American scientist and Ambassador to France, Benjamin Franklin. Mesmer returned to Vienna and lived a quiet life.

Amado, on the other hand, disagreed with the Parisian panels finding and continued to research Mesmerism and Animal Magnetism. In time he became the world’s authority on the subject and was said to be able to hold a subject’s attention captive with as little as a slight gesture of his hand and a glance into his eye. Obviously this kind of power does not go unnoticed long and soon the Kindred learned of him. They certainly weren’t going to allow a mortal to possess this kind of power and so they did the only thing they could, they embraced him. Surely they could have destroyed him, but to do so would be to lose his gift and knowledge forever, and that was an unthinkable act.

This is, of course, the story that Amado tells everyone of his origins. The truth of the matter cannot be said but most take it as an amusing story and at least a partial truth.

Amado and his mesmerism earned their place in history when in the early nineteen sixties he put forth the idea of presenting New Orleans as a city of vampires. Flexing the masquerade in a similar way to how Bram Stoker had some seventy years before. Reluctantly both Marcel and Alejandro gave their permission. Amado left the city in search of the perfected author. At the very least the city had rid itself of Amado.

In nineteen seventy-four Amado returned and announced his success. Little thought was given to the matter then two years later, Interview with a Vampire was published and almost overnight the mystery and danger that had always been present in the city became popular and people began to believe and even hope that vampires just might be real.

Thanks to Amado, to this very night fangs are a fairly common sight among the nightlife of New Orleans and there are even those who are looking to be a victim to a vampire. Of course this has lead to a whole new series of problems.


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