Ductus of the Krewe of Nyx


A hulking brute of a man with a contstant look of annoyance on his face.


Amed was one of the many dock workers in New Orleans in the late twenties when the idea of unionizing began to spread. He fought alongside his co workers when the anti-union gangs tried to break up their meetings in thirty-one. By Thirty-nine he had quit his job on the docks to work full time running security for union meetings and dealing violently with those, like the Klan, who would oppose the predominantly black textile and dock workers.

His willingness to put his body on the line for a cause he believes in is how he gained the attention of his soon to be sire.

Amed didn’t take well to existence as a Camarilla Kindred. The rigid social structure and lack of eqality chaffed at his leftist mentality. His stay with the Camarilla lasted little more than two decades.

For a while he joined others in the growing Anarch movement but he quickly came to understand they were little more than a legalized outlet for those who wished to buck the system without any real threat or danger.

So in the early seventies he threw in with the Sabbat and found a sect to his liking. He rose through the ranks until he became the head of his own krewe and now as long as he works towards the goals of the Sabbat he has the freedom to exist as he likes.

Amned is always referred to as Amed, at least to his face. Sometime in the past few decades someone started referring to him as “Ten pound Jimmy” and the name stuck. It’s generally what every one knows him as, though few have referred to him as such to his face.


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