Baron does his very best to maintain the image of his namesake, whom he may actually be. Assuming you believe the tales. When he has to walk among the living he takes on the guise of a Haitian man in the tradtional Baron Samedi face paint.


Like many Kindred of New Orleans it is impossible to say with any certainty when he arrived in the city. It is believed he most likely came with the free Haitians after the revolution of 1804.

What can said with certainty, is that he commoned a great deal of respect and control over the black population of New Orleans and even those who were not part of the voodoo community had little foubt he existed and said prayers or left offerings in hopes of appeasing him.

Over the years his power lessened, but it has never been lost. Though he was never considered part of the Camarilla he was a respected and feared elder whose word carried weight. In fact at the height of his power he was refered to as “The Third Prince.”

Under the current prince he has accepted membership in the Camarilla and is looked to as a Harpy.


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