Member of the Krewe of Nyx


An inhumanly gaunt creature with a pallid blue tinted complexion. He has a dour and bitter personality and few redeeming social skills.


Martin Boughman was a minister and brilliant itellectual who led a quiet congregation in Shreveport. He would have never had any contact with the locale Kindred populous if it wasn’t for two members of his congregation. The had unexplicably became weak and ill. The towns doctors couldn’t find anything wrong and so they called for the preacher.

Martin sat vigil with the couple and prayed for their recovery throughout the night. At some point in the evening the source of their illness made itself apparent as the Kindred returned to feed. Martin quickly recognized the creature as a minion of the adversary as chastised the fiend in the sign of the cross. The creature fled, and never returned.

In time Martin wrote to his colleagues of the experience to see what more he could learn. The response he received was a visit from another hunter. Who told him all he knew about vampires and how to defeat them. Seeing the threat, he stepped down from his position and took up the mantle of hunter.

For several years he traveled the south searching for more signs of vampire activity. Eventually the decadent behavior of the kindred of New Orleans became known to them and he sought them all.

All told he destroyed fourteen kindred in the city during his rampage.

Martin’s end came while hunting for a vampire who was said to reside in the Bayou Villere. Far from the city, alone in a flat bottom boat, Martin met Lamech. The exchange that took place between the two is their secret to keep. What is known is when they returned to the city. Boughman had been embraced, Wyndom Ashcroft was upset over how the situation was handled, and Marcel has little choice but to accept Lamech’s decision. Though Boughman was exiled from the city.

Boughman traveled throughout the eastern states for the next several decades. Eventually though he returned to New Orleans, and was accepted by Alejandro much to the resentment of Marcel.

Given his “special skills” Boughman assumed the role of hound and if hushed whispers are to be believed he was also performing the duties of Scourge.

During the mid sixties something changed and Boughman abandoned his post and defected to the Sabbat. He has never publicly declared why he made the switch and few seem to have even a clue what caused this sudden change, but since that time he has been a staunch supporter of the Sabbat.


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