Carina was an young creole girl from a prominent family before her embrace. Her beauty and charm carried over into the unlife and she was generally popular among the Elysium crowd.


Carina was the childe of Alejandro and was embraced sometime in the mid eighteen thirties.

She managed to avoid her sire’s fate by remaining neutral during Marcel’s power play. She remained an active but reserved member of kindred society for the next sixty years.

When her sire returned to the city (some say with her help) she assumed the mantle of Vantrue Primogen. Some were suprised she was not named Seneschal and it was said by many that she resented Farouk for gaining the title.

She met the final deatyh in nineteen ninety-three when a Sabbat war party uncovered her Haven and were lying in wait when she returned near dawn.

To this night many quietly suggest that she was betrayed by someone in the Camarilla either for some action of her own, by someone who desired her position, or as a way of hurting her sire.


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