Priest of the Krewe of Nyx


Corina is over 40 years old,but looks to be in her mid-twenties. Her hair is glossy black with white alabaster skin. Her lips crimson are a crimson red with a perfect bow. Her body is also perfect-a gorgeous hourglass figure with shapely legs and lovely upturned breasts. Her eyes are very large and a deep sea green.


Corina was not always so gorgeous. She was indeed a beautiful mortal. Corina grew up during the socialist regime in Bulgaria. She was born May 1st 1949 in Burgos on the Black Sea. Her father was a party official,so she avoided growing up in the squalor of the rest of the country. Her father possessed not only a large apartment in Sofia,but also a summer house on the Black Sea. Corina grew up around the finer things in life. As she grew older she joined the young socialist movement. Later she went to the university where she studied Russian,German,and English. She especially excelled in English,and after her studies were complete,she was installed in a diplomatic office as a translator. She became completely fluent in English.

Gossip says that it was during her time in the diplomatic office that she became an English instructor for an older vampire who made her his ghoul.

She was likely embraced sometime in the late eighties, right before her arrival to New Orleans. In her new city she met others of her clan who were not bound to their creators like she was. The Sabbat lifestyle was much different than the forced servitude she was accustomed to and she grew to envy their freedom.

In nineteen ninety-seven she made a break from her sire and the blood bond she has lived with for the last twenty years by joining in vinculum with the Krew of Nyx.


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