Prince of New Orleans


A large heavy framed man of mixed ancestry, possible middle eastern. He is usually attired in a white suit and black tie and is often seen wearing a fez, suggesting a possible Moroccan origin.


Farouk arrived in the city sometime in the nineteen thirties. It’s difficult to pin down the year because he didn’t make himself known for several years. During that time he amassed a great deal of power in the mortal world and used that influence to police and herd the more extreme factions of kindred society.

In nineteen thirty-eight he presented himself to Marcel and explained the way things were going to be. Seeing his control of the city, and his own growing ennui, Marcel had no options other than to comply and turned control of greater New Orleans over to Farouk.

Within days Farouk’s backer arrived in the city, and Farouk turned over the reigns of the city to Alejandro.

Farouk served as Seneschal for the next sixty years. Keeping the nightly affairs of the city in order and acting as a gateway to Alejandro. No one say the prince outside of Elysium, save for the Primogen. In all but title, Farouk ruled the city.

During Katrina the city’s power again shifted as Alejandro and Marcel destroyed each other. Leaving Farouk firmly in charge of the entire city.

Since then he has kept up an appearance of a model prince accomplishing some astonishing goals such as acknowledging the Sabbat and their right to exist, reincorporating the Anarchs into the Camarilla, establishing rules of negotiation for dealing with the Sabbat, and heading much of the rebuilding of the city.


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