Jeanne Anouilh


An elegant and refined woman with a regal bearing. Although she exudes an air of authority, when she speaks the listener is put at ease by her charming nature.


Jeanne arrived in New Orleans in the late forties or early fifties (stories vary) and quickly made a place for herself among her fellow clan members.

She quickly gained favor of the Prince of the Vieux Carré, Marcel and soon found herself named Primogen of the clan.

In the harsh nights since those days she has managed to retain her position throughout the changes in the city and is now the acting Seneschal of the Vieux Carré.

After some political issues arose, Jeanne has left the city for parts unknown. In response the prince has removed her title of primogen. The rest of the primogen and harpies are full of gossip and rumors over what might have happened.

Jeanne Anouilh

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