Even given Lamech’s horrid inhuman appearance he does his best to behavior “normal.” He carries himself with poise and a gentle demeanor. He is always dress in finery, though his styles are often clashing and dated as he has not been able to stay in fashion for some time.


By the time of the American Civil War Lamech was already considered an elder and was a known resident of New Orleans.

It was this status that allowed him to embrace his only known childe without prior permission, or repercussion. That childe was Boughman and that whole affair is well documented elsewhere.

Lamech is without question the Primogen of his clan. There was never an official entitlement but ask anyone about the Nosferatu and they will point to Lamech as their eldest and leader.

Since Katrina his clan has lost most of their numbers. Once they were believed to be around a dozen in number, now there are only two among the Camarilla and three among the Sabbat. No one can account for the rest and neither Lamech or the rest of his clan will comment on the matter.


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