Luchenko was said to be a bestial hairy fellow with a sour mood and a short temper.


The Justicar visited New Orleans in the turbulent time known as the sixties. He arrived to deal with the city’s two princes and their lax policies regarding the tradition but instead found himself embroiled in a shadow war with the Sabbat.

For nearly a decade he, and his Archons, fought against the Sabbat in the city, while the Kindred of the city helped as they could or just stood back and watched.

For every nest he uncovered or every plo0t he would foil, the Sabbat’s numbers grew. He was losing a wart of attrition and the locale Kindred seemed unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

Much of the collateral damage from this war is how the city got such a repuation for violent crime in the late twentieth century.

Eventually Luchenko gre frustrated with trhe city and left in a huff. Leaving “The damned city to it’s own demise.”


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