Title: Former Prince of New Orleans; Former Prince of the The Vieux Carré (DECEASED)

A fair skinned Mulatto man with a small frame and a handsome face. He was well known for rarely using his hands, which remained gloved and in his pockets, and almost never touching anything directly.


  • Marcel couldn’t have taken over the city so easily on his return. He had to have the backing of someone much older and more powerful.
  • Marcel’s kept his hands out of sight, due to the severe fracturing caused by Alejandro’s thugs right before Marcel’s embrace. The wounds never healed properly and for whatever reason he chose not to correct the affliction most of the time.
  • Marcel’s sire settled someone out west in the Anarch free states but stayed in touch with his childe for many years. Maybe that is where the influx of anarchs came from?

Sire: Jeannine

Marcel was embraced in 1784 and was the primary reason his sire was ejected from the city. He left with a strong desire for revenge and a growing Hatred of Alejandro.

In 1855 he returned to the city and began a campaign to depose Alejandro. In 1871 he destroyed Alejandro’s haven, and presumably its owner as well.

Marcel held onto the reigns of power until the 1930’s, but the city had grown and his desire to master it had not kept pace. In 1938 he reluctantly transfered power of Greater New Orleans to Farouk. who in turn handed it to Alejandro.

Again Marcel’s hatred of Alejanndro flared and it spurred him to action. Although he now only controlled the The Vieux Carré he helped transform the area into the tourist mecca it is today.

Marcel met the final death on August 29th 2005 at the hands of his rival Alejandro, whom he also destroyed.


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