Marie Laveau


In her youth she was considered a beautiful free woman of color. By the time of her embrace she was an older, more distinguished woman who’s wrinkled appearance gave her an air of aged wisdom.


During her life She became the most famous and powerful Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. She was respected and feared by all. Voodoo in New Orleans was a blend of West African religion and Catholicism. Voodoo deities are called Loas and they are closely paired with the Catholic Saints. All people in New Orleans were Catholic and slaves were baptized. Marie was a devout Catholic and attended Mass daily. Marie began as a hairdresser and later became a nurse during the Yellow Fever epidemics. She was skilled in the practice of medicine and knew the healing qualities of indigenous herbs. Concerned about the soul too, she would sit with the condemned in their last moments sometimes serving them their last meal. She was the first commercial Voodoo Queen and she specialized in romance and finance. She was an astute business woman. Marie was all-knowing and all-powerful. She could easily help you get a lover, keep a lover or get rid of a lover.

A good deal of her power came from the fact that she actually did call up the Loa. Only they weren’t spirits, they were Kindred. Baron had been her mentor for many years and planned on embracing her when the time is right. Unfortunately, that time never came as a Tremere from Atlanta, Wyndom Ashcroft seized the opportunity and embraced her.

This was the start of a long standing grudge between the Samedi and the Tremere that is still felt across the city. It would have been clan war if it was not for the prince’s intervention. By agreement the Samedi would grudgingly accept the Tremere’s actions and in exchange the Tremere would not involve themselves in the voodoon communities of mortals.

Marie was shocked to find, that despite all her power and influence, that among the kindred she had been just a pawn all along. This righteous indignation fueled her desire for knowledge and revenge. She quickly adapted to her new unlife and took to the study of thaumaturgy as a source of power.

Close to the end of the century she would have her revenge in the form of Martin {[:boughman|Boughman]], a minister of the Church of Christ and one of the greatest vampire hunters of his time. Marie left a trail of evidence for Boughman to find that would lead him to the Ashcroft’s haven. Meanwhile she spent her nights performing rituals to break the wards that protected Ashcroft. Her mortal allies kept an eye of Boughman by day and when the time came for him to make his move Marie against began to work ritual. This time to force her need for sleep from her body into Ashcroft so that he would never wake in time to stop his own demise. Between her rythmic gyrations, the smoke filled room, and the pounding of the drums she never knew the hunter had entered her chamber until his blade found her throat. Her head severed, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans met the final death.

The question of how Boughman found her and destroyed her rather than Ashcroft is a mystery. He has never spoken on the matter, even after hsi embrace.

It is believed that you can come to Marie’s tomb and ask for something. She accepts money, cigars, white rum and candy as offerings. Appeals must be made 3 times with full concentration.

Marie Laveau

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