Standing nearly six foot, Miranda cut an elegant and shapely feminine figure. Appearing in her late twenties with an abundance of curly strawberry blonde hair.

She was always known to dress formally, no matter what the occasion.


Miranda was a patron of the Arts in New Orleans for much of it’s formative years. Unfortunately her love of Opera and disdain for those of lower income means she saw little love for new music and few other Toreador would cross her as she set the tone for the clan. Thus New Orleans lost Jazz to other cities and the city’s Toreador lost much of their grip on current fashions.

After the Jazz fiasco Miranda lost much of her popularity and more or less faded into obscurity, at least as far as popularity was concerned. In future years she did her best to make sure New Orleans would be a musical city, but the damage to her standing was already done.

She met her final death during the nights following Katrina. No one has come forward and claimed credit for the deed.


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