Ductus of Der Nacht Mörder Krewe


An obviously inhuman, yet strikingly compelling creature. It’s hard not to look on her form and be aroused, yet the sight of her also makes one feel uncomfortable in her inhumanity.

For whatever reason, likely her seductive appeal, most mortal write it off as a costume.

As for attire, it’s typically very little, silky, and easily removed.

Those who have been in the city for years are grateful for her current form. Apparently she used to run around nude with either no skin or transparent skin. Either way it was rather disturbing.


Pulse has been the leader of Der Nacht Mörder Krewe for the past several decades. She has seen Sabbat come and go and she has remained. Some wonder why she hasn’t been elevated to a higher position given that her sire is the Arch Bishop of New Orleans, but as of yet no one has dared to ask her.


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