Regis Thornbrook


Born in 1913 in the east end of London. He awakened towards the end of his scholastic career after his first year at the University of London. Originally attracted to the arts, he majored in music and literature, but was approached by his original mentor and teacher in the Arts Magicka; Eric Alexander Masters took him in and brought him into the Hermetic Order. Having been born before the first Great War, he grew up without his father, so when Eric became his teacher he also became a father figure.

He learned quickly, taking in any and all knowledge anyone would share with him. He grew up with hostilities escalating through the world around him, such that once World War II started he decided to join up to try and protect his world. He turned his arcane knowledge to the defense of king (George VI) and country. He joined the army against the Order’s wishes, deciding to turn his gifts against the Axis, all the while doing his best to hide his abilities from the Sleepers around him.

During a support mission to a mainland country he sought out shelter from one of the old Hermetic Chantries. There while helping to tend to their wounded, during one of his research sessions, he uncovered a hidden truth about the Order itself. He kept digging, trying to learn as much as possible, asking to be transferred to more old world locations to continue not only his aid but his research as well. He continued to sift through the tomes and the histories of the Order, digging and digging and asking and asking until he brought about the attention of the wrong individuals. He was confronted by one of the Chantry leaders, and brought before one of the advisors, Benjamin Randall James, an old world Hermetic-turned-Kindred in charge of the communications between the vampires and the mages.

It was during his meeting with Ben that Regis first understood the ramifications of what he had unearthed, both literally and figuratively. It was there that two choices were offered, the securing of secrecy through death, or servitude to the Clan instead of the Order. Reluctantly, and with a hint of exhilaration, he chose the latter. Unbeknownst to him at the time, however, the Embrace broke his connection with his Avatar, severing his ability to work the Tapestry forever more. The transformation was painful to say the least, as his dying breath escaped his body and the flare of life and the essence of his Avatar slipped away from him, the cold mockery that is the un-living gift that was bestowed on him settled in and where once reigned the beauty of creativity now only the insatiable hunger filled his being.

Regis Thornbrook

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