Priest of the Trismegistus Krewe


A thin pale girl of indiscriminate ethnicity, standing just shy of five and a half feet in height. Her most prominent feature is her third eye which she never attempts to hide, but often keeps closed.

She is always seen wearing yellow. Usually a saffron colored silk that barely, or ineffectually covers her flesh while her bald head is usually covered in a veil.

Her only, ever present accessory is a worn leather pouch hanging from a simple cord belt. Its contents are known to very few people.


Sadrapa is a statment in contrasts. She is named after a male Phoenician god worshiped in Carthage. She’s an outspoken and violent member of a normally invisible clan known for their pacifism. She is believed, by those who study theology to be an Aghori, a Shaivite Hindu sect. She has been in New Orleans for many decades and was believed to be a follower of the Inconnu but in the last several years has renounced that membership and formally joined the Sabbat.

She makes no mention of her sire or her date of embrace leaving many to speculate her origins before arriving in the city. She is not known to have sired any progeny nor associate with any other members of her clan; of which none are known to exist in the south eastern United States anyway.


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