Wyndom Ashcroft


A weedy and gaunt fellow wistful antibellum attitude. His speach is slow and drawn out as if to suggeswt his constant contemplation of the conversation.


Wyndom was invited to the city by Marcel during the reconstruction era. His quickly sired a childe and that is what started all the mess. His childe was Marie Laveau who apparently was under the protection of Baron, though that was never made clear to him.

The Samedi assumed the Tremere desired to control the mainly black voodoun community of New Orleans, when in fact Wyndom merely saw the potential in Marie and wished to cultivate it. No matter how he explained this fact Baron would not listen and it looked like clan war would break out between the two factions. That is when Marcel intervened and forced a resolution. Clan Tremere formally declined any involvement in the mortal voodoun community and Baron forgave his embrace of his perceived ward.

Although an accord was reach the effects of the affair stretched far and without Marie’s backing the voodoun community fragmented into many smaller sects and with it Baron’s power base suffered greatly.

As for Wyndom, he was trilled to see how his childe took to Thaumaturgy and taught her as much as she desired, but Tremere by nature as a cautious breed, and so he made sure that her focus remained on Thaumaturgy and conveniently forgot to teach her that there were other disciplines.

Marie secretly fought against the control the clan had over her and resented her situation. A fact Wyndom was well aware of thanks to his mastery of Auspex. While she plotted and planned his demise he sat back and smiled knowing it would never come to fruition.

In time she struck. She sent the vampire hunter Boughman along a trail of clues that would lead right to Wyndom’s doorstep while she simultaneously cast rituals to break the wards on his haven. The day of the attack Wyndom slept completely unguarded. Not a single magical barrier was left standing to watch over him. Yet he woke that night to the horrible news that his childe had been slain by the very hunter who should have come for him. Shocked and outraged he demanded the death of Boughman.

It was his plan that he would destroy the preacher and close off the whole affair once and for all. Unfortunately, it was the Nosferatu Lamech who found Boughman first and rather than destroying him, embraced him. Wyndom argued that Lamech had embraced without permission, but Marcel could hardly punish the Kindred who defeated the hunter who cost them so many of their kind and thus Boughman avoided the final death and instead faced banishment from the city.

Since then Wyndom has avoided Lamech and Boughman and one might think that he worries over something they may know.

Wyndom Ashcroft

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