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WTF did I get myself into
Gabe's Twitter Feed

Fl keats face@GABEZ went to new orleans.gramps died.Inherited sweet house & stack of cash!!!!#easystreet#phukschool

Fl keats face@GABEZ wtf?!?! some creepy ass bitch showed up and told me my new house is like stupid haunted with dead slaves n shit#FML

Fl keats face@GABEZ I seriously just talked to a dude and he says to stop askin Qs about how gramps died. scary as shit.good thing I found a gun in gramps shit

Fl keats face@GABEZ

Gabe's Blog
Bla Bla Bla shit
I don’t know if I’m fucking crazy or not but I’m sure as hell not gonna put this shit in a goddamn tweet.
Wherein the first audible "click" can be heard.

Of all the unusual occurrences that had befallen Dr. Lawrence in the past forty-eight hours, this had to take the cake. He had done his best to lead a quiet life of professional excellence and self-development, and somehow that had led him to this moment. The moment in which he found himself following a strange woman in yellow out of his own home and into the damp Louisiana night. As his foot crossed the threshold, time dilated in a dizzying vignette of these past nights.

How much will this cost, Guru?

Alanis Morissette – Baba

The taste is something I will always remember. The tang of freshly tilled Louisiana soil, my first memory in Darkness. I will always remember it because I will always find that same taste in my mouth, again and again, for eternity. The irony is not lost on me that in seeking my own death I found it, and now will live forever. Going into the Sun is too easy. Too wrong. For some reason, divine or personal, I continue to exist. The taste of delta dirt and the taste of blood are remarkably similar. There is a comparison there that one could draw about the life-giving nature of both, but there’s time for waxing later. There’s plenty of time.

I Am Just SO Pleased With Myself!
An Excerpt From Claire's often used Tumblr Blog: The Art Of History, Today And Yesterday

I can’t imagine I’ve gotten through my first year in The Big Easy. Let me tell you, it’s NOT easy! At least, it hasn’t been for me. It’s been a whirlwind of “first year at a job” craziness!

That Is All...
From The Art Of History, Today And Yesterday

I will be away from my blog for a bit. No worries, readers… I hope. I leave you with this set of matched pictures, sketches actually:
Nosferatu character concept by belderiver d49e4v8
That is all…

the Beginning
from the Journal of Jim Baines

3/5/13 Fuck me, that was close. My ass just got arrested. Thank God they didn’t care enough about a credit card thief to run my prints. I owe some guy some bond money but I can steal $200 with my eyes closed. Drunk tourists everywhere. Met a girl on street, told me where I can sell blood, cha-ching. maybe luck getting better?

Claire's Place
From The Art Of History, Today And Yesterday

(Dated 6 months ago)

I can’t believe I actually got the job! And I’ve also acquired the cutest little house right in the Quarter!

These are my new digs! Let me know what you think!

The chronical of Renner
Con Log

Black Dog Con: Day 1

Wow, I finally made it to New Orleans, or “Naaw Lens” as the taxi driver insisted. To be honest the first day of the Con was kinds hit and miss. I missed the Special Edition book I was after because of Lord Dark Deusch, or whatever that miniature Stay-Puffed called himself. On the up side though I got to meet one of the main writers of Warlock! Sewers in the same elevator together and he seemed really interested in my game ideas. Yes! I am so stoked.

I think something tried to follow me back to my hotel tonight, damn Con pervs.


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