Tag: Tzimisce


  • Azzo

    Azzo is the Arch Bishop of New Orleans and has been for the past three decades. He replaced his predecessor, who was found to be less than competent when it came to their own protection.

  • Pulse

    Pulse has been the leader of Der Nacht Mörder Krewe for the past several decades. She has seen Sabbat come and go and she has remained. Some wonder why she hasn't been elevated to a higher position given that her sire is the Arch Bishop of New Orleans, …

  • Corina

    Corina was not always so gorgeous. She was indeed a beautiful mortal. Corina grew up during the socialist regime in Bulgaria. She was born May 1st 1949 in Burgos on the Black Sea. Her father was a party official,so she avoided growing up in the squalor of …

  • Miranda Elaine Cooper

    Miranda Elaine Cooper "Think we'll need the catch pole?" Miranda asks as she walks down the street next to Higgens. They're out responding to a call about a stray dog that's holed up near a dumpster behind Brennan's in the French Quarter. "Don't …